Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm Still Here!!!

Well it has been a while since I have had time to stop and write! The last few weeks have been interesting!! John and I have been a little busy with work (Thank Goodness!!) and just relaxing on the weekends, nothing exciting! We have acquired a new pet, her name is Saleen, kitty pics coming soon! She showed up a week ago, and never went away! I just have too big of a heart not to keep her. John had an accident last Tuesday, and sort of caught fire on his arm!! He was trying to burn a brush pile in the back yard and poured a little gas on it, well you can picture what happened next. He burned his arm in two places and a little bit of his face, but his face just looked like a bad sunburn for a few days. We had to stay overnight at the hospital because they were afraid that he inhaled some of the flame and his air passages were going to begin to swell. But none of that happened and everything is fine now, just have to change his dressings two times a day! Its actually starting to look a lot better! Getting excited about my mom moving closer! Can't wait to see her new house, and I think she is excited too and is just holding it all in! If anyone deserves a new house its her! Love you MOM!! (Stop reading this and get packing!!!!) That is the news for now, if anyone wants to see the pics of John's arm let me know! I didn't want to put them up here so people weren't forced to look! Until next time; smile and make someones day, they may just make yours in return!