Friday, July 6, 2007

It's Birthday Time!!

Well today is the day, I am offically 27 years old!! I sure don't feel like it, and I hope that is a good sign! I have finally accepted the fact that I am going to grow older in years, but don't have to in mind!! I like the sounds of that! Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!! Love you all!

Hooray, these are the beautiful roses that my mammaw gave me for my birthday today!! They are so pretty I had to share!!

This is the color we picked for our bedroom, we love it!! It's sooo romantic!!LOL!!

This is a color called brownie!! Now everytime I look at this wall my mouth waters!!LOL!!

My wonderful husband gave me a back porch for my birthday, they formed it up on Wednesday!!

This is my finished back porch, the concrete was poured this morning at 7AM!! I can't wait for the party on the patio!!