Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Please Forgive Me!

I have been a horrible blogger, I know! Things have been up and down and then back up again lately! Where do I start? The beginning of 2009 was filled with doctor's appointments (check-ups only, everyone is fine), work, and planning! Finally work has picked up some, we are finally beginning to see the flicker of light at the end of the tunnel! Barely, but it is there!

We have decided that we are going to make getting pregnant a priority! I have been to the doctor and have been given a clean bill of health! Lets hope everything sticks this time! I hear that the pregnancy bug is in the air all of the sudden, that's the bug I hope catches me! I expect lots of prayers for this!

John and I also decided that after almost nine years that we should finally get married and make it legal! Woo Hoo! We did that on March 27, 2009! I will have pictures posted as soon as I get them back! Here are two of our "Engagement" Pictures!

On a sadder note...I was in a pretty bad car accident on March 11. I am ok, although I am not real sure how. This is do have pictures of, and will post them. Here is how it happened; I was driving on a two lane road (Roberts Cemetery Rd.) in the miata that was my grandmothers, going the opposite direction was a Ford F-250 truck that was driving really close to the center lane. I decided that I should slow down in case she crossed left of center, and when I put my foot on the brake I began to spin. I could not control it no matter what I did, so I just tried to relax and wait. Well, I hit a tree with the passenger side door then went airborne and went between two trees and fell about 20 to 25 feet down and landed on the passenger side in about 4 feet of water (creek). I was able to unbuckle my seat belt and kick out the windshield to crawl out of the car. Amazingly the only injury that I had was a puncture on my right pinkie knuckle, and a cut on the back of my foot from the windshield. The car however, is totaled. I believe that someone had their arms wrapped around me, whether it be my grandmother, or my guardian angel I don't know. I am just thankful to be alive, and I have opened my eyes to the world around me. Life is too short for drama and stupidity, have fun, live for yourself, love like everyday is your last. Here are the pictures, these were taken after the wrecker had pulled it on its top a bit more than it was when it landed.