Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We Remember...

...The firemen so willing, who gave up their own lives.
The police men, who pushed themselves with drive.
And those travelers, who were our angels in disguise.
The New York skyline, that has forever been revised.
Our soldiers, for freedom they do strive.
The family and friends, that make memories survive.
We remember the selflessness that all of you displayed.
We remember that you gave your all, and the sacrifice you made.
In our hearts you will always be, forever there inlaid.

Monday, September 10, 2007

50 Years, Thats a Long Time...

This weekend was my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary!! They deserve a pat on the back! Our family also has yet another wedding coming up in October. Congrats Mandy & Marcus, hope you make 50 wonderful years together!! There really isn't anything exciting going on at the moment in our world. Just working hard so the bills get paid, and trying to rest as often as possible. Hope everyone has a great September, and I will try to update more often!!