Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nothin Much

There really isn't much to say latley, can you tell!! We have been really busy with work this month, so that is good! The only complaint with that is that ALL of our customers think they are the only one and their job should be done the day after it is ordered!! I wish people...there are only two of us!

We did however get a chance to go camping two weekends in a row at Lake Somerville! The first weekend R.R. went with us, and we did aboslutley nothin!! It was heavenly, I literally read a book ALL DAY saturday!! The next weekend we went back with the Patch's and took some pretty cute kids with us!! We were worried that the rain would wash us away, but after about noon it went away and the sun peaked out from behind the clouds! We were able to get some tubing and swimming in for the kids, and came back for a nice relaxing evening!

The next two weeks is family, family, family again! A special little girl is turning three on the 22nd, then D graduates from High School!! It is going to be a busy summer, I can't wait! Hopefully some baby news to follow soon, but we will see. Have a great end of spring, cause summers gonna be hot!!

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